lens distortion grid 16to9 base checker only_1Standard_Distortion_GridInstructions:

The grid should be printed on paper and be matte. It will need to be mounted to a smooth surface such as foam core board and shouldn’t warp, bend or distort. Care must be taken to not create any bubbles/creasing when mounting it.

The grid must be set up so that it is plumb and the face is flat to the camera. The camera should also be level with no tilt or roll. Set up the camera as perpendicular to the grid as possible and at a height that puts the centre of the grid in the centre of frame.

Light the grid evenly with no flare or shadows.

Label or slate each lens grid with the camera and lens info.

Fill the full frame of the camera with the grid.



Lens Distortion Grid v01 Black and white boxes. From Eric Alba

Lens Distortion Grid v02 Black and white boxes with XO. From Eric Alba

Mapping Lenses for Lens Distortion instructions pdf from Eric Alba


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