This isn’t meant to be a ‘how to be a VFX Supervisor’ guide or anything. It’s a collection of useful VFX Resource links, a brief overview and pictures of some of the kit I use on set, tracking marker and lens grids PDFs and jpgs for download and some of my own data sheet booklets for recording set data.

When there are guides, it’s usually something I share with other people if they are providing VFX data back to the company I’m working for, usually because I’m unavailable for a particular shoot. I have made considerable efforts to standardise what comes back in so the CG Coordinators understand what they are getting and why they are getting it. It also minimizes the amount of handover time from VFX Sup to crew.


My Kit

Tech Recce

Data collection on set

Data sheets



Lens distortion

Camera Details and Miscellany

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