• VFX Supervisor (commercials/features)
  • CG Supervisor (commercials)
  • On Set Effects Supervisor (commercials)
  • Maya / Max TD and Generalist (commercials/features)
  • Compositor (commercials/features)
  • Lighting TD (commercials/features)
  • Camera Tracking (commercials)
  • Software: Maya, 3DS MAX, Shake, Combustion, Nuke, After Effects, Mental Ray, Vray, Boujou, Matchmover, SynthEyes, Realflow, Houdini, C/C++, MEL/MAX Scripting, PERL, Python



Experience & Work History


Passion Pictures

2017 – present

VFX Supervisor, On Set/Effects Supervisor

I’m currently employed as the VFX Supervisor at Passion Pictures.


Nexus Productions

2012 – 2017

CG Supervisor, On Set/Effects Supervisor

I was CG Supervisor at Nexus Productions where I was one of two heads of studio. I was tasked with leading jobs from pitch through to delivery and was involved in every aspect of pre and post production. Responsibilities included pitches, planning, meeting clients/agency, budgets, schedules, crewing and running jobs, as well as fixing any problems along the way. I was the On Set Effects Director for Nexus and was required to travel to shoots around the world.


Uli Meyer Studios

2005 -2012

CG Supervisor, On Set Effects Supervisor, Animation Supervisor, Lead TD, Lead Compositor

Beginning in a Lead TD role, I quickly established myself as a core member of the studio, soon becoming CG Supervisor. I worked on and managed almost all of the CG output of the studio over several years working as both Lead 3D artist and Lead Compositor. As a studio, Uli’s was involved in production of a wide variety of jobs for dozens of different clients including Guinness, Unilever, Nestle, BSkyB and SC Johnson.

I implemented and managed pipelines that covered all aspects of the design, animation, rendering and compositing processes. I was also the Animation Supervisor and On Set Effects Supervisor for shoots, both in the UK and abroad. I was involved in production and regularly attended PPMs, client meetings and interviewed prospective staff.

The studio won several awards during my tenure as CG Supervisor, including the British Arrows Television Awards 2007 for Guinness ‘Hands’.


Trunk Animation

March 2006 – June 2006

Lead TD, Compositor

Produced several short sequences for a Formula 1 documentary series on The Discovery Channel.


Passion Pictures

2004 – 2011

Compositor, On Set Effects Supervisor, Effects Animator

I have worked on a number of commercials, music videos and short films for Passion Pictures for clients that include Duracell, Gordon’s Gin, Kia and Trojan. I was an occasional Effects Animator although my usual role was as a Compositor. On more recent projects, when my availability for full time work has been limited, I have been able to step into an on set effects supervisor role.


Nexus Productions

July 2004 to October 2004

Lead TD, On Set/CGI Effects Supervisor

I worked with directors Tom & Mark to design and produce the new commercials for a short lived Aquafresh product. In addition to my usual 3D role, I also designed the on set effects using motion control rig cameras and collapsible sets.


Jim Hensons Creature Shop

October 2003 to June 2004

Lead TD/Effects TD/Compositor

On the feature MirrorMask, I was responsible for maintaining the pipeline, producing 3D and 2D effects work and finding some innovative solutions for problems with atmosphere, dynamics and various particle effects. I also produced utilities and pipeline tools written in both C++ and MEL.


Cosgrove Hall

August 2001 to September 2002

3D Studio Max TD, Compositor

Composited and produced 3D elements and characters for several childrens TV shows, including Fifi And The FlowerTots, Engie Bengy and the BAFTA award winners Albie and Andy Pandy.


2000-2011 During this time I have freelanced at many other companies including One Hand Clapping, RJDM Animations, Focus International and McKeown-Devita. In addition, I have given lectures and set specialist projects at Bournemouth University.






  • BRITISH ARROWS CRAFT AWARDS 2019. Silver Medal. Best animation: 3D. Erste Bank ‘First Christmas’
  • CANNES LIONS AWARDS 2018. Silver Lion. ‘Epic Action Man’
  • BRITISH ARROWS AWARDS 2018. Bronze Medal. Compare the Market ‘Kovonation Street’
  • D&AD 2018. Wood Pencil / Film Advertising Crafts / Animation for Film Advertising. ‘Epic Action Man’
  • THE ANDYS 2018. Craft Award. Gold. ‘Epic Action Man’
  • ADOBO DESIGN AWARDS 2015. Silver Medal. Best Design, Animated Video. Stand Up To Cancer ‘It’s Payback Time’
  • ADOBO DESIGN AWARDS 2015. Silver Medal. Best Design, Music Video/ Audio Video. Tourist ‘Illuminate’
  • SHOTS AWARDS 2015. Silver Medal. Best Use of Animation. Stand Up To Cancer ‘It’s Payback Time’
  • CREATIVE CIRCLE AWARDS 2015. Gold Medal. Film Craft and Best Animation. Stand Up To Cancer ‘It’s Payback Time’
  • CICLOPE FESTIVAL AWARDS 2014. Gold Medal. Best 3D Animation. Stand Up To Cancer ‘It’s Payback Time’
  • CANNES LIONS AWARDS 2014. Silver Lion. Best Visual Effects. Honda ‘Hands’
  • ADOBO DESIGN AWARDS 2014. Best Design, Animated Video. Honda ‘Hands’
  • BRITISH ARROWS AWARDS 2014. Gold Medal. Vehicles and Automotive Products. Honda ‘Hands’
  • BRITISH ARROWS AWARDS 2014. Gold Medal. Best over 90 second Cinema commercial. Honda ‘Hands’
  • BRITISH ARROWS AWARDS 2014. Silver Medal. Best over 90 second web based film. Honda ‘Hands’
  • BRITISH ARROWS AWARDS 2014. Silver Medal. Best over 90 second TV commercial using paid-for media. Honda ‘Hands’
  • BRITISH ARROWS CRAFT AWARDS 2014. Best Animation. Honda ‘Hands’
  • SHOTS AWARDS 2014. Television Commercial of the Year. Honda ‘Hands’
  • IVCA AWARDS 2009. Best Graphics, Animation and Special Effects. Bronze Medal. ‘The Aluminium Case’
  • PROMAX EUROPE AWARDS 2005. Best Promotion. ‘FrankenRed’
  • BAFTA 2003. Childrens Animation. Winner. ‘Albie’
  • BAFTA 2002. Pre School Animation. Winner. ‘Andy Pandy’






MSc Computer Animation, Bournemouth University

2002 – 2003

After my degree, I completed a Masters to focus on developing my programming and technical animation skills. The course covered a wide range of mathematical and technical aspects of computer animation and allowed me to broaden my base of knowledge considerably by incorporating both programming and my own artistic elements. I produced various dynamics and flocking algorithms in C/C++, 3D engines in OpenGL and studied MEL and PERL scripting, producing both animation scripts and pipeline tools.


BA (Hons) Computer Visualisation and Animation, Bournemouth University

Grade Achieved : First Class Honours

1998 – 2001






References are available on request.


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