These data sheets are only half the battle. Obviously, the more data the better but you do need to consider what you shoot in camera and most importantly, not miss anything! Once the camera or setup has moved, you can’t go back…

I use Shotgun to put this data into a spreadsheet available to everyone on the job. It contains all the info needed for tracking, layout, HDRs for lighters, Roll/Take/Slate numbers for editors, info on tech and other plates taken with a particular shot, etc. The faster I can get that info to the crew and the less time spent asking where a particular thing is, the better.

VFX Shoot Data Sheet

Motion Capture Script Data Sheet

Motion Capture Session Data Sheet

DIT template

These are password protected zip files. You will need to open them with 7Zip or WinZip and enter the password to get to the word doc inside.
Contact Dave Walker for the password.


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